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Farafoot Bushcraft
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The image gallery of all the courses Farafoot have run over the years, to give you some idea of the kind of things we get up to and to re-live those precious moments from the course that you attended.

Morocco - Climb the Highest Mountain in North Africa

Mout Toubkal, stands 4167m above sea level and commands superb views of the High Atlas Mountains. Come to the majestic High Atlas Mountains of Morocco and experience your first high altitude peak by trekking to the summit of Toubkal the highest mountain in North Africa.

Farafoot Bushcraft Autumn and Winter Courses 2014

Farafoot has a great number of courses going on this Autumn from the hugely exciting Kids Natural Wilderness Survivor programme to Family Fire & Fun and Forage & Feast events as well as Adult Bushcraft Survival Days.

Farafoot is also working with a number of West Midland Schools and Scout & Guide groups throughout the Autumn alongside its work hosting the Bear Grylls Survival Academy.

Family Fire and Fun

A one day hands-on family bushcraft and survival course based on our extensive woodland site amongst the south Shropshire hills that focuses on teaching and demontrating a variety of skills that can be applied in a host of accessible family friendly environments.

Farafoot Bushcraft

Farafoot is a outdoor family run, company based on the Burwarton Estate in south Shropshire. We run woodland based bushcraft and survival courses for adults and kids on Brown Clee Hill, which is located amongst the beautiful and remote Shropshire Hills AONB.

Farafoot offers courses for adults and kids of all ages and is also the location for the Shropshire base for the Bear Grylls Survival Academy.

Wild Running

(as seen in the July 2014 issue of Runners World)

Wild running or Paleo Running necessitates a different approach, perhaps ‘ethic’, of running that sees the challenge as one of adapting rather than 'conquering' the environment and which gains much of it’s attraction in the ability to experience the natural world in an unmediated way.

Courses available 2014:

Farafoot Stag and Hen Parties

Test yourself physically and mentally on one of Farafoot's extremely popular Day or 24 hour Bushcraft and Survival Skills Stag or Hen Party.

Farafoot can also offer fantastic optional extras, such as a dining and accomodation at Boyne Arms before and after the course and NEW FOR 2014 we can even offer a new unique experience of a fifteen minute helicoper trip from our camp site on Brown Clee Hill.

Why choose the ordinary when you can have the Extraordinary!

Farafoot Wild Therapy

The New Survival Therapy has emerged from Farafoot's survival courses and Dr Yvette Primrose desire to take therapy "out of the consulting room".

The course incorporates the
principles of contact with the natural environment, engagement with other people and meeting personal challenges and is run by Dr Yvette Primrose a registered Counselling Psychologist, mountain climber, ultra-runner and bushcraft/survival instructor.

Farafoot Kids' 'Natural Wilderness Survivor' Bushcraft Parties

Farafoot offers a great party experience for ten kids or more in our woodland camps, based on the Burwarton Estate on Brown Clee Hill. It doesn't have to be anyone's birthday, it could just be just the desire by a group of kids to enjoy some bushcraft and survival skills activities.

All courses begin and end at the Boyne Arms, Burwarton.

Farafoot guides people through all the skills, techniques and knowledge that you need to live comfortably in the natural environment. These Bushcraft courses are much much more than simply outdoor survival courses in that bushcraft courses will teach you how to live "generously" or comfortably outdoors.

Farafoot Bushcraft guides you through how vastly important fire is outdoors and how to light fires and what kind of fires suit which situations. The types of shelters that are suitable for different situations and that sometimes simpliest is best. Foraging for food that goes beyond just collecting leaves, but also involves hunting and the preparation of meat and other foods that taste fantastic and will provide you with much more than simply keeping yourself alive. Sourcing water that is safe to drink and tastes better than anything that comes out of a tap. Looking after yourself and generally keeping yourself sparkling clean in camp.

On top of this, Farafoot bushcraft guides people in all those craft skills that you need to live outdoors, such as cordage, hide tanning for clothing and footwear, basketry and bark vessel making to store or transport items, using tools and how not to cut off significant bits of yourself or your friend, tool making from scratch using flint knapping techniques to make blades that are far sharper than any steel blade or razor and how to make a decent bushcraft bed that will that will let you sleep like a "bush baby".

Choose from our extensive range of bushcraft courses, such as the introductionary Bushcraft Taster Course where we introduce a few of the basic bushcraft skills over the course of a day.

Our Overnight Bushcraft Tester Courses which provide a longer period where we can guide people through a far greater range of skills and provide a real test to an budding "Ray Mears" or "Bear Grylls".

For a real bushcraft experience, try our Long Bushcraft Weekends and Five Day Bushcraft courses where you will sleep in the same bed more than once, so you learn quite quickly how to get your bushcraft right.

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